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Combat hyperkeratosis in record time

Agro Consulting Services - Waarom Aktivpuls Gebruiken

More than seventy percent of dairy Holstein cows show hyperkeratosis or teat end callusing.


Hyperkeratosis is teat end damage and/or callusing due to aggressive vacuum and teat stress/teat trauma during milking. Teat end callusing is the ideal biotope (living environment) for mastitis causing bacteria and reduces the natural barrier (closure teat end muscle) against bacteria. Post-milking dips are significantly less effective on teats with hyperkeratosis and therefore lose most of their effectiveness.




Agro Consulting Services - Waarom Aktivpuls Gebruiken

Cows with indications of hyperkeratosis are up to 40% more susceptible to mastitis infections and up to 70% relapses after an initial infection. AKTIVPULS contributes to the removal of this hyperkeratosis, thus contributing to less infections and a better udder health.


Do you want more information about how our AKTIVPULS product combats hyperkeratosis in your cattle? Don't hesitate to contact ACS (Filip Jamart) on our contact page.

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